Zeke (Power Baby), CGC, TDI
06/23/93 - 07/31/05

Zeke was one of few racing Greyhounds whose registered name fit his personality. Unusually broad-chested and stocky, he was every inch an alpha dog, but a drama king in the face of great pain such as when his foot fell asleep. He did hundreds of meet & greets during his lifetime and many Greyhounds were adopted by people who met him and wanted a dog with a personality like his (quite a few people actually wanted him). Zeke accompanied me on countless home visits and was an excellent kid-tester. At the church where I was organist during most of his life, he was known as Zeke the Church Dog and attended more regularly than some members, always behaving nearly perfectly and never rooing along with the hymns. Zeke had done therapy in nursing homes for several years before earning his CGC and TDI certifications, and he served his fellow canines and saved lives by donating blood until his vet said he was too old. He did everything I ever asked of him, trying even when he didn’t understand what I wanted. That’s the way he raced too - - his trainer told us Zeke was never quite fast enough (by hundredths of a second), but always tried his hardest. Serious and somewhat humorless, but ever faithful, with a big heart, a thick plush coat and a deep love for people and stuffed bunnies, Zeke entered lives and left them forever changed. He was a very good dog, and we were incredibly blessed to have him for 10 years. His death, which came much too soon - dogs’ deaths always do - leaves a huge void. 

If tears could build a stairway
and memories a lane
I’d walk right up to heaven
and bring you home again

Godspeed, Zekers. You’ll always be my best dog.

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