1993 - April 28, 2007

Tasha 3
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Tasha last day

Some people describe their non-greyhound dogs as greyhound wannabes. Tasha wasn’t that; she was supremely confident in who she was. The quintessential Siberian Husky, she was intelligent beyond belief, fiercely independent, loved every human she ever met and was devoted and loyal to her people.  Foster dogs knew in an instant that she was the alpha. She helped teach house manners to countless greyhounds and never seemed to mind welcoming just one more into her home. Tasha was Matty’s first friend and probably saved his life by finding him in the woods - without ever being taught to track - when he was lost. Her joy in living was contagious, worth all the hair she left behind when she blew coat. She was a one in a million, once in a lifetime dog.

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