Premier Products

LEGR is a dealer for Premier Products and can obtain for you any product made by Premier. If you buy from us, *all* proceeds benefit greyhounds. Most sighthound people are familiar with the Premier martingale collar and we sell those, with or without matching leashes, in all sizes, widths and colors. Below are the collar colors:
Premier collar colors

You can also visit Premier’s website for a chart of nylon colors: Premier makes the Fido Finery ribbon overlay line, available in martingale style collars and quick release collars, with or without matching leashes. Here are the available patterns: Fido FInery

Premier also offers a wide variety of toys, with a focus on training toys and toys designed to relieve boredom for dogs home alone while their owners work. They also carry bowls and other supplies and cat toys. LEGR will order any Premier product you wish to purchase. You can save money and help greyhounds by buying from LEGR!

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