Jack went to the Bridge on September 11, 2003. Thanks to all who helped to extend his life by donating toward his expenses. This page is maintained on our web site in memory of Jack, who was much loved and is sorely missed.

Jack was surrendered to LEGR this past August at age 8. He had been given to a local family by a hauler going through town; they tied him to their other dog’s crate during the day because he got into the garbage. Jack was vetted and his teeth, which were and still are in bad shape, were cleaned. Shortly thereafter, he developed swelling in his neck and it was discovered that he had thyroid cancer. Half of his thyroid gland was removed, and the vet felt that he would be fine. But not long after this, the lymph nodes in his neck became noticeably enlarged, and biopsy of the aspirate revealed lymphoma. Jack is a loving, still playful dog that gets along with cats and other dogs alike. We feel that this dog with incredibly bad luck (he also has pannus) deserves a chance at a longer life, and have decided to do chemotherapy. The cost will be around $1,200 - 1,400, and we will be taking special collections and doing fundraisers to cover this. If you’d like to help, donations can be sent to LEGR at 278 North Broadway, Geneva, OH 44041. Donations are tax deductible. 

Update, March 2003: Jack has completed his first round of chemotherapy, which he tolerated well, and is in remission. He is on a special diet, takes prednisone and oral chemotherapy drugs, and receives chemo “booster shots” every 6 weeks. These medical expenses will continue for the remainder of his life, however long that is. Many thanks to all who contributed towards his care. Jack is truly enjoying life as a couch dog and is getting all the food, treats and petting he can. Update, June 2003: Jack got to go to the GLGG in Michigan, where his favorite activity was the ice cream social! He was perfectly behaved throughout his first experience in a motel.
Update, September 2003: Jack developed diarrhea around the time of GLGG which did not respond to numerous remedies. The lymph nodes in his neck also became enlarged again around that time, and his chemotherapy regimen was changed. Jack tried to hang in there over the next couple of months, but he slowly lost weight and generally failed to thrive. The light faded from his eyes in September, and he was sent to the Rainbow Bridge on September 11, 2003. Not surprisingly, no one was interested in adopting him after his lymphoma was diagnosed, so he lived out his life here as one of our own dogs, sleeping in the bedroom with the rest of our pack (thank goodness, he never wanted to get on the bed), truly part of the family. We had hoped to have him longer, but are grateful to those who helped us give him nearly a year - - a happy year in which he felt good and lived life to the fullest. Godspeed, Jack.

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