In Memory




This page is dedicated to the memories of the great dogs placed by Lake Erie Greyhound Rescue that have died; and to the people who loved them:

    Mikey Falco (Ion Mr. Mike)
    Danny Wheeler
    Clementine Belle (Mz Sasha)
    Reba Berthold (Bulz Thrifty)
    MacKenzie Alm (Time to Boogie)
    Amber Gliha (Amberdawn)
    Mary Roxbury
    Carmen Resseguie-Green (KTS`s Carmen)
    Taylor Ryan (Flying Rapids)
    Gilly Fox (KB`s Gold Man)
    Fox Giusti (Prima County)
    Masquerade Reitknecht (Greys Masquerade)
    Brody Green (Brickyard Brody)
    Sunny Pennington (Sunny Eclipse)
    Brennie Dagg (Stevie Nicks)
    Elmo Prince (Sompin Noble)
    Classed Frenz
    Zuno Costello-Avsec (Wherezuno)
    Charlie Praszek (Skyway Charlie)
    Popaloc (died of osteosarcoma before being adopted)
    Diamond Bennett (EO`s Diehard Mo)
    Flyer Gribble (Top Cowboy)
    Ransom Fields (SC`s Kingsransom)
    Simon Fields (SC`s Scion`s Boy)
    Jack Hennessey
    Liza Mews (Flashshe`sabeauty)
    Ramsey Blech (Task Ramshackle)
    Bux Hoffman (Bux Hi Stopper)
    Gopher Stroup (Gofore the Help)
    Murray Majercik (Free Rockin)
    Ginger South (SS Sizzle)
    Trevor Keyser (LJ`s Trevor)
    Sync Pelow (Dewey In Sync)
    Candy Clark (Mo Candy)
    Cat Fields (Miz Black Cat)
    Harley Alm (Racey`s Flyer)
    Lily Beck (Tiger Lily)
    Shie Fox (Andrea)
    Molly Troutman
    Heather Himes (KB`s Super Look)
    Frasier Costello-Avsec (KL Frasier)
    Vern Grigsby (Dewey Showtime)
    Bo Gardner (De Bo)
    Twiggy Richards (Hardtohold)
    Shelby Dykes (Dewey Rocknwilma)
    Maya Green (Poof Its Gone)
    Sally Breitenbach-McGuire (Tri W Lady)
    Duke Commisso (Breezin Donk)
    Cajun Dombrowski (T&L`s Cajun Beat)
    Cinnamon Dombrowski (Twilight Wonder)
    Digger Schenkelberg (EF Dicker Dog)
    Lee Roxbury (Parolee)
    Emmett Wanken (Nodak Eternity)
    Alexander Kunikis (Prima Onyx)
    Nick (EMK Boliver Bill)
    Miller A. Mews (Doray`s Stingray)
    Austin Roark (Red Dog Sun)
    Lizzie Denniston (Sunshine Liz)
    Target Stroup (Pak Target Boy)
    Riley Miller-Hall (Gun Permit)
    Misty Wells (MC Misty)
    Major Gerome (SC`s Major)
    Eddie DeWitt (Eds Brim)
    Mae Hatcher-MacDonald (SI Sassy Mae)
    Jake Denniston (Sunshine Jake)
    Sandy Warner-Bennett
    Comet M. Mews
    Mig Keyser (Pop the Clown)
    Levi Fields
    Shayla Fenner (Legs Sugar)
    Leeanna Denniston (Forbes Leeanna)
    Elmer Prociuk(E Commerce)
    Joe Hadden (Comanche China)
    Zephir Mehallo
    Ramses English (Up Top Dave)
    BB Prickett (Flying Prom)
    Sammi Prickett (TW Ribbon)
    Sara Pelow
    Mindy South (Mindy`s Winnin)
    Ollie South (Oshkosh Oliver)
    Bonnie Ware (Lago Bonnet)
    Darby Dagg (Three Kids Dog)
    Charger Gribble (Dodge Charger)
    Star Tannenbaum-Klusmire
    Miles Himes (Pa`s Miles to Go)
    Shilo Denniston (AOL M)
    Clayton Silvestro-Retter (Whytell Clayton)
    Rush Silvestro-Retter (Kiowa Via Rush)
    Willow Stroup (Si Night Cascade)
    Percy Kellner (WCS Percival)
    Red Gould (Victory Red)
    Glitz Greenwell (Gold N Glitz)
    Gene Hennessey (Gene the Machine)

    Lacey Ware (TW Lace)
    Monty Roxbury (Kelsos Motumbo)

    And to all canine friends of LEGR, greyhound or not, and their people...

Haley Mews
Icey Thompson (Dark Ice)
Spencer Hennessey (Nodak Old Spice)
Tommy Fields
Monty Thompson (All Points)
Zeke Hennessey (Power Baby)
Merry Breitenbach-McGuire
Dillon, Max and Blaze Singer
Altie Fox
Honey and T Heinz
Matty Hennessey (Nodak Matty)
Anna Hennessey
Boomer Hennessey
Blue Hennessey
Elton Singer
Tasha Hennessey
Max Beck
Easter Breitenbach-McGuire
Pro Praszek
Rosie Keyser
Trissa Hennessey
Robin Hennessey
Music Hennessey
Pearl Hennessey

There is no death, only a change of worlds.
Native American proverb    

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