Gene, Stan & the Gang
Gene & Toys

Here they are, our littermate brothers, arrived from the Melbourne, FL track on 12/28/06 - above is Gene and below is Stan. They were three years old on February 1, 2008. 

Stan home

Gene discovers cockroaching...

Gene's first cockroach

...and quickly decides it’s his favorite position. 

Gene cockroaching again

In the meantime, Stan discovers that it’s safe to lie on beds in the middle of the room.

Stan no longer hiding

Hard to believe they’ve been here a year already, but it’s true. Gene is almost normal now, and Stan...well, Stan is Stan; with us he’s friendly and vocal and sometimes affectionate and vocal and in the early hours of the morning, he’s quite vocal (sense a theme here?). Here are just a couple of highlights of their first year with us:

Gene looking out window

Gene loves looking out the front window. Yes, he’s resting his chin on the back of the couch. This pose looks every bit as cute from the

Gene disappearing into hole

This is Gene’s butt disappearing into the dogs’ digging hole.

Stan in hole

Here’s Stan in that hole. How do I know it’s Stan?.......

Stan in hole 2

...because Stan has the purple collar.

Gene on little couch

This cute doggie couch was donated for our reunion, but was given to us for our Whippets because, as you can see, it’s too small for greyhounds. 

Stan is much more relaxed here now. Described as very shy, he routinely roos at his people to go out, for meals, or just because it’s fun, and he regularly seeks out attention and petting and rests his chin on our arms, etc. He’s still more comfortable with women than men, but that isn’t unusual for shy dogs.  

Stan on bed
Gene & Stan Nov 07

And here’s Teddy, our 5 month-old IG puppy. Ted’s the product of an accidental litter. 

Here they are in November of 2007. Upside down is still one of Gene’s very favorite positions, though he usually prefers to be that way on the couch. Stan never gets on the couch - he’s a chair dog, preferably my recliner.

Teddy in shadows

Pat took this cool picture.

Here’s Gene, wearing the latest in canine fashion - a puppy necklace!

Gene wearing Teddy
Whippets & Teddy

At left, from top to bottom, we have Robin, Teddy and Pearl. Below is Triss, the lovely Borzoi diva; she left us in January of 2010. 

Triss for Carol

Gene and Stan have learned that with a lot of dogs, there are a lot of losses - we’ve lost Blue, Tasha and Nick since the Beaver Brothers came to us. Everybody loved Nick -


but he and Music were especially close. Music has seen the loss of 6 dogs in the 2 years he’s been part of our family.

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