Available Dogs

Due to the downturn in the economy and the proliferation of greyhound adoption groups in northeast Ohio in recent years, LEGR is not actively placing dogs. We will always take returns of dogs we placed, and we will always find dogs for those who have adopted from us in the past. While we are not taking and placing dogs from the tracks, we are doing fundraising in the form of auctions and website sales to support Florida adoption groups. 

LEGR believes that matching dogs to homes, based on the lifestyle, amount of dog experience, and other considerations of the adopter as well as any special needs the dog may have, is the best way to ensure forever homes for our dogs. The dog whose color or looks appeal to you most may not be the best match for your home. 

LEGRīs dogs have had their teeth cleaned and been spayed/neutered, heartworm tested, microchipped, tested for tick-borne diseases, updated on their vaccinations (including rabies), treated for intestinal worms and fleas and ticks, and have received baths and nail trims. They have also been tested as to their friendliness toward cats. When you adopt one of our Greyhounds he or she comes with a special collar (your LEGR representative can explain the need to use this collar) and matching leash.

Call or email us if you don’t see any dogs pictured here. We have worked with GPA Central Florida, the adoption program at the Melbourne track, for over 10 years and get most of our dogs from there. GPA CF cat-tests, profiles and vets all of the Melbourne dogs and makes regular trips north to deliver dogs to adoption groups. If you’re interested in a greyhound and we don’t have what you’re looking for, visit the GPA CF site at http://www.floridagreyhounds.com/ - be sure to check out the special needs and hard to place pages. Contact us if there’s a dog you’re interested in, and we’ll see if we can’t arrange for that dog to make the trip north.

Please see our FAQ for general information about Greyhounds and for information about our adoption process. To request an application, e-mail us at greyhound@ncweb.com, or download our application from this web site. If you live outside of Ohio, you can find a geographical list of adoption groups at http://www.adopt-a-greyhound.org.

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