Lake Erie Greyhound Rescue

Lake Erie Greyhound Rescue. It's a way of life... for the Greyhounds.

Who we are

Lake Erie Greyhound Rescue was incorporated on December 3, 1996 and is tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. LEGR’s officers, volunteers and foster homes are all unpaid volunteers and more volunteers are always needed. Our primary area of operation is northeast Ohio. Because home visits are a part of our application process, we do not normally do out-of-state adoptions. To find a geographical list of adoption groups and locate the group closest to you, visit 

What we do

Due to the downturn in the economy and the proliferation of greyhound adoption groups in northeast Ohio in recent years, LEGR is not actively placing dogs. We will always take returns of dogs we placed, and we will always find dogs for those who have adopted from us in the past. When we are not taking and placing dogs from the tracks, we are doing fundraising in the form of auctions and website sales to support Florida adoption groups. 

 LEGR’s main purposes are to promote and facilitate adoption of Greyhounds when their racing careers end, and to educate the public about Greyhounds and what wonderful companions they are. LEGR believes that testing all dogs for tick-borne diseases is the best way to ensure that affected dogs receive proper treatment as soon as possible and to prevent spread of those diseases. Therefore, all of LEGR’s dogs are tested for tick-borne diseases and treated as necessary (we were the first group in Ohio, and one of only a handful of adoption groups nationwide, to do this). LEGR dogs also receive:

  • spay or neuter
  • teeth cleaning while under anesthesia
  • heartworm test
  • vaccinations updated
  • deworming
  • microchipping for identification purposes
  • bath, nail trim and flea and tick treatment with Frontline Plus
  • martingale collar and matching lead 

Between the track and their new homes, the Greyhounds live in foster homes where foster “parents” help them learn the facts of home life and become familiar with the personality of each dog. LEGR attempts to match dogs’ temperaments to the lifestyles of prospective adopters as much as possible, because our goal is lifetime homes for all of our dogs where adopters and dogs alike are happy with each other. There are a number of Greyhound adoptions group in northeast Ohio, and they all have different priorities and adoption procedures. You should investigate the groups and decide which group to deal with based on whatever critera are most important to you. Please realize that we are all volunteers and are busy with adoption group responsibilites, jobs and personal lives, and don’t apply to several groups at a time to see who gets back to you first.

How you can help

  • Adopt a Greyhound
  • Donate money, used bedding, towels, dog toys, or dog food
  • Provide a foster home for a Greyhound
  • Distribute literature in vets’ offices and other locations
  • Help with fundraising
  • Visit pet stores with your Greyhound or foster Greyhound
  • Volunteer your special skills

To contact LEGR you can e-mail us, call us at (440) 466-1347, or write to us at:
Lake Erie Greyhound Rescue, Inc.
278 North Broadway
Geneva, OH 44041-1116

Please see our sales pages - we offer Greyhound items for both dogs and people! All sales proceeds benefit Greyhounds. 

Our thanks to graphic design artist Rick Vodicka, who designed the new LEGR logo which appears on each page of our site. 


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